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Future Development Trends of Modified PA66 Plastic!

As the largest and most important variety of engineering plastics, PA66 plastic has strong vitality, mainly because it achieves high performance after modification, and secondly, it is the requirements for high performance of products in industries such as automobiles, electrical appliances, communications, electronics, and machinery.It is getting stronger and stronger, and the rapid development of related industries has promoted the process of high-performance engineering plastics .

The Future Development Trend of Modified Pa66 Plastic Raw Materials is As Follows

1. The market demand for high-strength and high-rigidity modified PA66 nylon is increasing, and new reinforcement materials such as inorganic whisker reinforcement and carbon fiber reinforced nylon will become important varieties, mainly for automotive engine parts, mechanical parts and aviation equipment parts.

2. Nylon alloying will become the mainstream in the development of modified PA66 engineering plastics. Nylon alloying is an important way to achieve the high performance of nylon, and it is also the main means to manufacture nylon special materials and improve the performance of nylon. By blending other high polymers, the water absorption of nylon can be improved, the dimensional stability of the product can be improved, as well as low-temperature brittleness, heat resistance and wear resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for various applications with different requirements.

3. The manufacturing technology and application of modified PA66 nanometer nylon will develop rapidly. The advantage of nanometer nylon is that its thermal properties, mechanical properties, flame retardancy, and barrier properties are higher than those of pure nylon, and its manufacturing cost is equivalent to that of ordinary nylon.Therefore, it has great competitiveness.

4. The use of modified PA66 in flame-retardant nylon for electronics, electrical appliances, and electrical appliances is increasing day by day, and the green flame-retardant nylon has attracted more and more attention from the market.

5. Modified PA66 antistatic, conductive nylon and magnetic nylon will become the first choice materials for electronic equipment, mining machinery and textile machinery.

6. The research and application of modified PA66 processing aid will promote the process of functionalization and high performance of modified nylon.

7. The application of modified PA66 comprehensive technology and the refinement of products are the driving force to promote its industrial development.

Can PA66 and PA6 Be Used in Clothing?

PA fiber is a general term for a class of fibers with C9-NH groups on the macromolecular chain.The commonly used aliphatic polyester amines are mainly PA6 and PA66. Nylon fibers are mainly filaments, and a small amount of short fibers are mainly used for blending with cotton, wool or other chemical fibers. Nylon filaments are widely used in deformation processing to manufacture elastic yarns as raw materials for weaving or knitting. PA fiber is generally spun by melt method.The strength of PA6 and PA66 fibers is 4-5.3cN/dtex, the high-strength polyester can reach more than 7.9cN/dtex, the elongation is 18%-45%, and the elastic recovery rate at 10% elongation is above 90%.

According to measurements, the wear resistance of nylon fiber is 20 times that of cotton fiber, 20 times that of wool, and 50 times that of viscose, and its fatigue resistance ranks first among all kinds of fibers. It is widely used in civilian use to process socks and other blended products to improve the wear fastness of fabrics, but the low modulus of nylon fiber and its anti-wrinkle performance are inferior to polyester, which limits the application of PA in the field of clothing.

The service life of nylon cord is 3 times longer than that of viscose, and the impact absorption energy is large, so the tire can run on bad roads. However, due to the long stretch of PA cord, when the car stops, the tire deforms and produces flat spots, and the car jumps at the initial Therefore, it can only be used for tires of trucks, and is not suitable for tire cords of passenger cars.

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