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Anmei-TPU Flame Retardant for Engineering Plastics

TPU thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer is a type of polyurethane elastomer. It not only has the high elasticity of rubber but also has the plasticity of polymer materials.TPU (polyurethane) is flammable, and its limiting oxygen index (LOI) is about 18%. The flame-retardant TPU produced by Anmei has good tensile strength and abrasion resistance. 

TPU Flame Retardant Features

Main features:

  • Hardness 92 ShA

  • Density 1.25g/cc

  • Chemical resistance(hydrocarbon, petrol,oil and grease)

  • 3.2mm Flammability Class: UL 94, V0

The color masterbatch uses TPU resin as the carrier, and the addition amount is 1%~2%

In order to ensure the best performance index after extrusion, the material must be dried before processing, and the moisture content of the particles should not exceed 0.02%. It is recommended that the material be dried at 80~110℃ for 2~4h

TPU Flame Retardant Benefits

  • Communication fiber optic cables (optical fiber cables and data lines)

-Excellent mechanical properties

- Good wear resistance

- High and low temperature cracking resistance

- UV resistant

  • Wind power cable

- Torsion resistant

  • Robot cable

- Resistant to bending and torsion

- The number of twists is more than 10,000 times, in line with the robot industry alliance standard CRIA0003-2016

  • Low temperature drag chain cable

- Good flexibility

- Good abrasion resistance

- Bending fatigue resistance

- Flame retardancy

It is suitable for cables that work at low temperature (-50~-70°C, relative humidity 95±3%)

TPU Flame Retardant Application

Flame retardant TPU is widely used in the field of 5G optical cables and cables, power cords, data cables and plugs in the electrical and electronic fields as well as in the automotive and new energy fields. It is essential for such a use that the polymers should have been flame-retarded, to help protect against ignition due to sparks and short-circuits. 

With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, the electrical and electronic industries are fully halogen-free.

New Cable Sheath Material-TPU Flame Retardant Introduction

TPU has good flame-retardant technology and mechanical properties, making it a new type of cable halogen-free and low-smoke flame-retardant sheath material.

The flame-retardant TPU tensile strength is 20-50MPa, and the stress at break is 300-700%. Compared with other commonly used cable sheath materials like PVC or natural rubber or neoprene, it has wear resistance, oil resistance, high-energy radiation resistance, tear resistance, ozone resistance, low-temperature flexural resistance and other comprehensive properties are better.

Technical Data Sheet

Product Information:
TPU FR Extrusion GradeM1112Black-Nov.2021

Physical Property:

Test ItemTest StandardTest ConditionTest ResultUnit
The Melt Flow RateISO1133190℃,5KG12.5g/10min

Thermal Property:
Test ItemTest StandardTest ConditionTest ResultUnit
Flammability ClassUL943.2mmV0-

Mechanical Property:
Test ItemTest StandardTest ConditionTest ResultUnit
Tensile StrengthISO52750mm/min25MPa
Tensile Strain at BreakISO52750mm/min550%
• Thermal ageing(110°C,168h)
The Rate of Change of
Tensile Strength
The Rate of Change of Tensile Strain
at Break
• Hydrolysis resistance(80°C,168h)
The Rate of Change of
Tensile Strength
The Rate of Change of Tensile Strain
at Break

Injection Molding Conditions:
Injection Molding ItemReference ValueUnit
Drying Temperature80-110
Drying Time2-4Hh
Cylinder Temperature160-180
Nozzle Temperature170-180

UL standard for TPU Flame Retardant Materials

UL Standard For TPU Flame Retardant Materials

Flammability UL94 is used to evaluate the ability of materials to extinguish after being ignited. It is the most widely used plastic material flammability performance standard.

UL Standard For Tpu Flame Retardant Materials

In the standard, HB is the lowest flame-retardant grade, gradually increasing from HB, V2, V-1, V-0, 5VB to 5VA.

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