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Lubricant, Aerosol Masterbatch
Lubricant, Aerosol Masterbatch
Lubricant And Aerosol Masterbatch

TPU Slip Masterbatch & Frosted Matte Masterbatch for Engineering Plastics

Anmei company specializes in the production of TPU slip masterbatch ingredients and TPU frosted matte masterbatch excellent dispersibility in cast films. Casting film can be compounded with plastic woven cloth during production to be used as shade cloth and tourist tents.

TPU anti-block masterbatch is designed to prevent blocking during the extrusion of thin TPU film and improves the bound ability of TPU film.

Problem & Solution of Masterbatch Application in Cast Film


Moisture in the masterbatch or poor heat resistance of the ingredients will cause the cast film to have a network structure.


Appropriately reduce the temperature of each zone and dry the masterbatch in the cast film production process.

Color masterbatch should be chosen pigments with high color strength and good heat resistance, and then strengthen the blowing, and appropriately increase the water temperature.


The low content of titanium dioxide in the film will lead to the poor hiding power of the cast film.


Increasing the amount of masterbatch

Increasing the content of titanium dioxide in the masterbatch


Poor pigment dispersion leads to colored spots on the cast film.


Choosing masterbatch with good dispersibility ingredients.


The volatile matter in the masterbatch causes smoke during processing.


 Reducing the extrusion temperature

Choosing high-temperature resistant masterbatch

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