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Anmei-PA6 GF for Engineering Plastics

Anmei-PA6 GF for Engineering Plastics

As an engineered plastics company, Anmei focuses on the production of modified engineering plastics, among which high-performance nylon 6 engineering plastics are one of our main products. We have nylon 6 modified plastics of heat-resistant, reinforced, toughened, flame-retardant, wear-resistant, weather-resistant, oil-resistant and conductive with glass fiber filling ranging from 15% to 50%. The mechanical properties of blended materials such as glass fiber and toughening agent added to nylon show that with the increase of glass fiber content, the tensile strength, impact resistance and heat resistance are better, and the bending strength has been greatly improved as well, which meet the requirements of industrial products and daily use. The polyamide 6 price that Anmei offers is very competitive. Contact us now to get more detailed information about PA6 price.

Types of PA6 GF

As one of engineering plastic manufacturers, we provide polyamid PA6 GF to meet the specific needs of various applications.

Our pa 6 material such as pa6 gf45, pa 6 gf 35, pa6 gf 25 has very high rigidity, high mechanical strength, high hardness and toughness, and high creep strength. Moreover, they have very high dimensional stability, good fatigue resistance, and high mechanical damping properties. Click below to check more about types of pa6 gf in Anmei.

PA6 GF15

PA6 GF15 heat stabilized is the reinforced PA6 by mixing the glass fiber of 15%. It can be in different colors with excellent high-temperature resistance comprehensive properties.

PA6 GF35

PA6 GF35 is adding 35% glass fiber to the base material of PA6.

PA6 GF45

PA6 GF45 is polyamide PA6 reinforced with 45% glass fibers.

PA6 GF50

PA6 GF50 is a fiber reinforced PA 6 plastic made of nylon 6 resin as a base material and 50% glass fiber as a reinforcing filler, and various processing aids be added.

What Is PA6 Material?

Polyamide (Nylon) of Anmei is a versatile engineering plastic that is available in different "grades" and applied accordingly, which is one of the most extensively used polyamides globally. PA 6 (Polyamide 6) and PA 66 (nylon 66 PA66) are used for parts required for large repetitive jobs. PA 6 GF provides enhanced strength and abrasion resistance while maintaining a low weight for improved balance and reduced vibration.

PA6 stands for polyamide 6, which is a type of thermoplastic material that is widely used in various industrial applications. It is also commonly known as nylon 6, which is a synthetic polymer made from the monomer caprolactam.

PA6 plastic has a high tensile strength, good abrasion resistance, and excellent chemical resistance, making it suitable for use in applications such as automotive parts, electrical components, and sporting goods. It also has a relatively low melting point, which allows for easy processing and molding.

In addition, PA6 plastic is known for its excellent dimensional stability and low moisture absorption, which makes it an ideal material for applications where tight tolerances and precision are required.

Overall, PA6 plastic is a versatile and durable material that is widely used in many industries due to its excellent properties and ease of processing.

What is the difference between GF15 and GF50

The number of glass fibers per unit area of the material will increase when the glass fiber content increases, which means that the PA6 matrix between the glass fibers will become thinner. This change determines the changes in the mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced PA6 composites in terms of tensile strength, impact toughness,  flexural strength, etc. But it's not that more glass fiber is better. The content of glass fiber higher than 42% will cause the notched imPAct strength to show a downward trend. 15% has high rigidity and strength, excellent durability (heat resistance, weather resistance, oil resistance), suitable for pump impeller, motor housing, etc., 30% and 45% are suitable for replacing some metal materials, and 50% content is suitable for long-term heat Stable performance and automobile engine parts which need excellent strength and toughness.

What is the difference between GF15 and GF50

Why Choose Anmei PA6 GF

There are 3 key elements to improve GF reinforced PA6 material.
GF dosage is the primary factor.

In the dosage range of 0-35%, increasing the dosage of GF can sinicanty improve the mechanical properties of PA6.

Reason Of Choosing Anmei PA6 GF
The final retention length of GF determines the reinforced effciency.

The choice of the initial length of GF and the degree of damage to GF in the processing engineering determine the retained length. Selecting LGF, and reducing the damage to GF as much as possible by adjusting the screw speed and arranging the position of GF in the process of processing and molding, is the key to improving the mechanical properties of GF to enhance the PA6 material.

Reason Of Choosing Anmei PA6 GF
The processing technology determines the level of GF dispersion.

Ensuring GF can be evenly dispersed is the key point. 

ANMEI polymer experts can offer your professional options based on your products. 

Reason Of Choosing Anmei PA6 GF
Performance comparison between PA6 and glass fiber reinforced PA6

Performance comparison between PA6 and glass fiber reinforced PA6

PA6 plus 30% glass fiber (PA6 GF30 plastic) is commonly used as the motor support and roller brush body of a vacuum cleaner due to its high wear resistance and high-temperature resistance. Because it needs to withstand the continuous impact of high-speed dust and particles, the strength requirement is very high.

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