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Engineering Plastic

Engineering Plastic

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Engineering plastic is the high-performance plastic that can apply in different industrial areas, the higher mechanical strength and heat resistance of these modified plastics make them an excellent alternation of metal material.

Compare to metal parts, engineering plastics are with lots of advantages, such as being weightless, significantly reducing noise, decay resistance, high durability, cold/heat resistance, flame retardant, etc. and are suitable for working in extreme environments.

As a professional engineering plastic supplier/manufacturer, we strive to know the needs and wants of our customers, ANMEI offers different types of engineering plastics - PA6 reinforce, PA66 reinforce, PC/ABS alloy, MABS, TPU FR and PP FR with glass fiber, these engineering plastics are with different performances to adapt to kinds of industries including 5G fiber optic cables, domestic appliances, automobiles, hardware appliances, new energy, clothing, machinery industry, electronics and electrical field. When the right engineered plastic is matched to the right application, the engineering plastic products usage will last longer and the overall performance will be better, making it more competitive in the market.

Types of Engineering Plastic in Anmei

How Could Anmei Engineering Plastics Become Your Choice

Anmei, an experienced plastic products engineering company, will customize engineering plastics to meet the product performance or process according to the customer's product and mold structure.
How Could Anmei Engineering Plastics Become Your Choice

Providing customers with engineering plastic services such as consulting, product testing and analysis of engineering plastic material, sample trial production and process guidance.

Implement the lean production management model of Japanese companies to reduce hitech plastics engineering production losses. While providing products with material performance comparable to those produced in Europe and the United States, it has a better price advantage.

In order to ensure product quality and quality stability between batches, Anmei, a prime engineered plastics corp, uses German production equipment and the technical processes of fortune 500 companies and fully equipped testing laboratories for testing.

What is Engineering Plastic?

Engineering plastics are a group of plastic materials that exhibit significantly improved mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures, loads and times. Especially long-term suitability at temperatures in excess of 90°C to at least 150°C is considered an important criterion of engineering plastic products. Therefore, all "high temperature" plastics are considered engineering plastics.

When polymers with specific mechanical properties and functions are required, choosing the Anmei engineering plastic is critical to ensuring the longevity of your end product and meeting safety standards.

Engineer Plastics Uses

As a professional engineering plastic manufacturer and supplier, we supply good modified resin PA6GF, PA66GF, ABS and TPU to fulfil all demands of all applications from automotive, electrical and electronic, household, to 5G fiber optic cable appliances.

Plastics Engineering Technology

Two or more polymers are mixed in a certain proportion and then mixed by chemical, physical and other methods, which is called blending gold technology. The modified plastic obtained by this special engineering plastics technology has been greatly improved in terms of processing performance, mechanical engineering plastics properties, heat resistance, flame retardancy, etc. This engineering plastic material is one of the most active varieties in the plastics industry and is widely used in precision instruments, office equipment, etc. 

Advantages of Anmei Engineering Plastics Properties

There are 2 engineering plastics production bases of Anmei. One is in Suzhou engineering plastic factory, which specializes in the R&D and production of modified PBT and PA engineering plastics, and the other is the Huzhou engineering plastic factory focusing on the R&D and production of TPU flame retardant.

Anmei is an experienced plastic products engineering company whose plastic engineers design different types of engineering plastics products that meet specific specifications, including addressing outdoor weatherability, thermal properties, electrical properties, barrier properties, and chemical resistance, while keeping costs to a minimum.

How to Choose Engineering Plastic Raw Material?

Engineering plastic material is one of the elements of cost control. A radar chart is a great tool for choosing the right engineered plastic matching to the right application.
How To Choose Plastic Materials

Draw a few concentric circles. The concentric circles are represented by numbers from the inner circle to the outer circle. The larger the number goes out, the higher the score. 

How To Choose Plastic Materials

Mark the required performance index items, such as price, impact resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, etc. It can be known from the radar chart that the closer to the circle, the more balanced the various indicators are, and the better the overall performance. 

How To Choose Plastic Materials

In the same way, other materials can also be used to select the most suitable engineering plastics for your product's performance through the radar chart.

Modification of Engineering Plastics

Modified plastics are intermediate products in the petrochemical industry chain, which are mainly processed from five general-purpose plastics and five engineering plastics as a plastic matrix.

The modification is to change the appearance, process-ability, mechanical and chemical engineering plastics properties, transparency, aging resistance, aging resistance, thermal performance, flame retardant and other properties of the plastic. Through filling, reinforcement, toughening, blending, flame retardant, reaction grafting, thermoplastic elastomer technology and functional modification, the cost of engineering plastic raw material is reduced, and new functions are given to plastic products, and the purpose of adding value to plastic products is increased.

Modification of Engineering Plastics
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