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Anmei Factory

Suzhou Anmei Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, adjacent to Shanghai. Anmei has a safe and complete plasticization industry chain and convenient logistics making the service more efficient. The company now has a workshop of nearly 6000 square meters with a full range of epoxy floors and complete ventilation and dust removal facilities, which provide a safe and reliable production environment for customers' products.

  • Factory Of Engineering Plastic And Masterbatch
  • Factory Of Engineering Plastic And Masterbatch
Production Workshop

There are eight Coperion production lines service for your, two STS35, two STS50, and four STS65 twin-screw extruders, with a maximum output of 7720kg/h. Anmei has a strict daily maintenance system for equipment, regularly flushing the positive empty pump and pipeline, regularly maintaining the heating and cooling system, and checking the drive system and downstream equipment daily. Ensure excellent performance in the filling and reinforcement of engineering plastics, polyolefin alloys and fillings, and dyeing of elastomers, polyolefins and engineering plastics.

  • Production Workshop
German Coperion Double-screw Extruders

Coperion twin-screw extruders are in accordance with German design and quality management standards and have professional technical advantages in the process. Anmei chooses its twin-screw model with a large aspect ratio to focus on the development of high-end engineering plastics, and has the following advantages:

1. The screw is fully pressurized, and the physical and mechanical properties of the product can be improved.

2. The material is well plasticized, and the appearance quality of the product is good.

3. Increase the extrusion volume by 20-40%. At the same time, the characteristic curve of the screw with a large aspect ratio has a small slope, flatter, and stable extrusion volume.

4. Conducive to powder molding, such as polyvinyl chloride powder squeeze tube

  • German Coperion Double-screw Extruders

The loss-in-weight feeder continuously conveys the raw materials to the downstream twin-screw extruder. In order to achieve high-precision feeding of raw materials such as plastic resins, fillers (talcum powder, calcium carbonate), and granular or powder additives, a feeder with weighing control is used. In the manufacturing process of modified plastics and masterbatch, the Kubota loss-in-weight feeder chosen by Anmei is the best solution to achieve accurate and stable batching.


A complete range of testing equipment escorts the quality of our products: the main testing equipment includes color difference meter, fusion index meter, cantilever impact meter, universal testing machine, heavy metal tester, plastic combustion tester and so on. In terms of quality control: all raw materials and auxiliary materials come from large petrochemical manufacturers at home and abroad, and there are strict control standards in the process of sample research and development, customer standards, and testing indicators. To ensure the stability of quality.

  • Equipment Of Engineering Plastic Company
  • Equipment Of Engineering Plastic Company
  • Equipment Of Engineering Plastic Company
  • Equipment Of Engineering Plastic Company