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Pa6 Gf45
Pa Gf45

PA6 GF45 (A1011I) for Engineering Plastics

Polyamide 6 reinforced with 45% Glass Fibers that is PA6 GF45, medium viscosity and dimensional stability, the PA GF45 has excellent rigidity and high tensile and compressive strength successfully applying to engineering structure parts of mechanical engineering and in the automotive industry. 

PA6 GF45 Advantages

PA6 GF45 is one of the high-performance reinforced polyamide composite materials, because of its excellent physical properties, it is used in some applications requiring high strength, high rigidity and high dimensional stability, such as electric drill and motor housings, pump impellers, shaft sleeves, pulleys, tool handle, bearings, diesel engines, and air-conditioning all-plastic fans, etc., have excellent performance. Compared with PA66 with the same glass fiber content, PA6 GF45 has the same level of rigidity, creep resistance, and dimensional stability, but in terms of elongation at break, impact resistance and fatigue resistance, PA6 GF is higher than PA66GF. More cost-effective. Traditionally, engine oil pans are made of PA66 GF, but in the past few years more and more oil pans have been used due to more flexible supply chains, generally lower material prices, easier processing and lower shrinkage warpage, etc. Replace the shell with PA6 GF. There are also many applications of PA6 GF45 in new energy vehicles. The high-voltage connector adopts easy-flow technology, which has good process ability, increased continuous use temperature, and high strength and rigidity.

PA6 GF45 (A1011I) Typical Application

PA6 GF45 is used in turbines, propellers, screws, nuts, washers and other components with high rigidity and dimensional stability and heat-resistant aging, as well as fishing tackle reels, racket frames and other components with high mechanical strength, good toughness, higher tensile and compressive strength. PA6 GF45 (A1011I) is a polyamide nylon 6 product. It is modified by glass fiber, mineral filled and added with flame retardant to make its comprehensive performance more excellent. It has high rigidity, thermal stability, and mold release. Good performance characteristics. It can be processed by injection molding and is widely used in transportation, electronic appliances, industrial parts and other fields.

Typical application areas are as follows:

1. Electronic appliances: connectors, reels, timers, cover circuit breakers, switch housings, sockets, joints, gaskets, etc.;

2. Automobile: cooling fan, door handle, oil pipe, fuel tank, fuel tank cover, intake grille, water tank cover, lamp holder, oil filter, gear lever, etc.;

3. Industrial parts: seat, bicycle frame, skate base, textile shuttle, pedals, pulleys, power tools, etc.;

4. Others: power tools, shields, fan blades, gears, machine tool accessories, sports equipment, toy products, cable ties, etc.

PA6 GF45 (A1011I)Processing Detail

PA6 GF45 (A1011I)Processing Detail

PA6 GF45 (A1011I) Other Details

Physical Property


(15.0% 1 ISO3451/1)




(1250Kg/m3 1 ISO1183)



Shrinkage Parallel Flow

(0.5-0.7 % 1 ISO294-4)

Shrinkage Vertical Flow

(0.7-1.1% I ISO294-4)

Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength (125.0MPa 1 ISO527)


5mm/ min

Tensile Strain at Break (2.5% I ISO527)



Notched Impact Strength (125 0MPa I ISO527)



Flexural Strength (190MPa 1ISO178)



Flexural Modulus (5700 MPa I ISO178)


5mm/ min

Thermal Property

Melting Point

(220°C I ISO11357)

Hot Deformation Temperature

(175*C I ISO75)



Flammability Class

(HB 1UL94)



Injection Molding Conditions

Drying Temperature


Drying Time


Cylinder Temperature


Nozzle Temperature


Tooling Temperature


* Molding conditions are just for reference, please make an adjustment based on the actual situation!

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