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Anti-mold Masterbatch for Engineering Plastics

Anmei, one of the professional plastic master batch manufacturers, has a range of customized masterbatches available which incorporate Anti-mold Masterbatch, for use in different polymers and applications. It is to prevent unbearable odors and unsightly staining.

The Development Process of Anti-Mold Masterbatch

The Anti-mold masterbatch development process begins with your end-used products. We select the proper resin, colorants, additives, modifiers and fillers to meet your performance and test requirements. Once the properties are approved by your, samples may be produced for pre-production trials.

Benefits of Anti-mold Masterbatch

Moldy plastics emit an unpleasant smell and make them undesirable or unusable due to the decreasing of the aesthetics of the product surface. When an anti-mold masterbatch was used, it can inhibit mold growth and prevent odors and stains. It includes as its primary function the removal of micro-bacteriological charges and above all the removal of mold and fungi. The working principle of anti-mold masterbatch is different from that of antimicrobial masterbatch. Just the right anti-mold masterbatch based on your end-use areas can reach a certain level of effect.

Application of Anti-mold Masterbatch

Anti-mold masterbatch applications can be numerous and can be applied to ABS, PA, PP, PE, and other polymers and manufactured in an injection molding, extrusion, and blown film. The strong protective effect of this antiblock masterbatch is suitable for use in the sector of water box of floor scrubber. 

Application of Anti-mold Masterbatch
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