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Antibacterial Masterbatch
Anti Microbial Masterbatch

Antibacterial Masterbatch for Engineering Plastics

Polymer anti-bacterial masterbatch is a kind of masterbatch material that adds antibacterial agents into the carrier resin, which is offering antimicrobial protection for plastic products and reduces the growth of harmful organisms such as molds, bacteria, fungi and mildew increased rapidly on plastic surfaces.

Benefits of Antimicrobial Masterbatch

Antibacterial masterbatch is an organic ingredient with good pre-dispersibility. In addition to mixed-use in the production and processing of plastic products, anti microbial masterbatch can also be added during the production of antibacterial plastics, blended and granulated.

Antibacterial plastic is granulated by an antibacterial masterbatch, the dispersibility of an antibacterial agent in plastic is much better than antibacterial plastic blended with an antibacterial agent. Thereby, the antibacterial efficiency of the antibacterial agent is improved, the product quality is stable, and the cost of raw materials can be reduced.

Two Series of Antibacterial Masterbatch

Antimicrobial agents for plastics are divided into two types inorganic and organic. Inorganic antibacterial agents are made into antibacterial agents by using silver, copper, zinc, etc., which have their own antibacterial ability. Its advantages are heat resistance, longevity and safety. The antibacterial rate can be as high as 99.99% meeting ROHS, REACH requirements. Contact us today to arrange an initial product evaluation for you.

Application of Antimicrobial Masterbatch

The antibacterial masterbatch of Anmei masterbatch factory can be used in most general-purpose products made from PE, PP, ABS, PC, PBT, TPU manufacturing processes such as injection molding, extrusion, and blown film. The antimicrobial masterbatch gives plastics long-term antibacterial and sterilization effects in plastic products of automotive interiors, household appliances and electronics sectors.

Application of Antimicrobial Masterbatch
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