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Pbt Masterbatch
Poly Butylene Terephthalate
Pbt Material

Low-shrinkage PBT Masterbatch for Engineering Plastics

Tubes are colored to make the identification process easier in loose tube optical fiber cables. Low-shrinkage PBT masterbatch material as loose tube materials is used in the Fiber Optic Cable industry. Anmei Company, one of the global masterbatch suppliers you can rely on, provides masterbatch options that are optimized for your design with consistent PBT masterbatch material quality and personalized bespoke service.

What Is PBT Material?

PBT masterbatch material, also called poly butylene terephthalate material, is a strong engineering plastic which is a translucent or opaque, knotted thermoplastic polycool resin made by condensing 1.4-butanol with p-phenylene monoformate (PTA) or p-phenylene monoformate (DNT) through a compounding process. PBT masterbatch is a latecomer of engineering plastics with good molding and processing performance and high performance-price ratio, and has excellent overall performance. With the execellent machining properties, chemical resistance, and bearing and wear resistance, PBT masterbatch is commonly used in food processing machinery applications when low moisture absorption, dye resistance or resistance to cleaning chemicals is required.

PBT Material Data Sheet

Specifications2.0-6 cores (0.4 wall thickness)
Extrusion speed E39.5
Grease speed J7.2
Production speed(m/min)200
Masterbatch Rotating speed0.5
Main traction laps12
Take-up tension N8
Water temperature/℃28 28 22
outer diameter/mm1.98-2.07
PBT materialA brandA brandA brandY brand
Masterbatch FactoryJAnmeiYAnmei Standard
Excess length0.6-1.0‰0.3-0.5‰-0.1-0.3‰0.2-0.3‰
Excess length after 1 day0.4-0.7‰0.3-0.4‰0-0.4‰0.2-0.4‰
Excess length after 3days0.4-0.6‰0.3~0.5‰0.2-0.5‰/
Excess length after 7days0.8-1.1‰0.3-0.5‰0.4-0.7‰0.4-0.7‰(10days)

Problems & Solutions in the Production of PBT Cable Sheath

Characterization of poor cable sheath 1: Sharkskin on the cable surface is caused by poor dispersion of carbon black and melt fracture;

Characterization of poor cable sheath 2: The poor performance of cable aging is caused by the large particle size of carbon black.

Anmei company is a trustworthy masterbatch supplier who provides professional solutions starting from the sheath material production process and masterbatch.

Low-Shrinkage PBT Material Properties

PBT masterbatch (poly butylene terephthalate) has the characteristics of a super-low shrinkage ratio and fast response time. And the most important is the stable shrinkage of PBT material with time going by, which are all conducive to the control of loose sleeve excess length. Anmei's ultra-low shrinkage PBT material is cost-effective compared to American top products but it has an advantage in price.

Low-Shrinkage PBT Material Properties
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