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Types of Engineering Plastic in Anmei

Engineering plastics are a bunch of thermoplastic materials that are suitable for work in extreme environments and available to meet specific application requirements. Each engineering plastic usually has a unique combination of properties that include heat resistance, mechanical strength, chemical stability, and fire retardant. You'll benefit from their easy thermoformability, and encompasses a rainbow of colors.

Anmei Features:

  • Customized solutions available (modified plastics also called modified polyethylene, and masterbatch)

  • Material selection assistance

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Engineering Plastic & Masterbatch in Anmei
Want To Buy High-quality PA material as Engineering Plastic & Masterbatch? Come to Anmei, a professional engineering plastic/masterbatch company!
Products of Engineering Plastic & Masterbatch Application
A range of engineering plastics produced by Anmei, one of the professional engineering plastic manufacturers, are being applied in a variety of applications of home appliances, power tool, new energy and fiber optic cable and the performance properties of these synthetic polymers can be enhanced by glass fiber, and flame retardant and toughening and heat-resistant.
Anmei Engineering Plastic And Masterbatch Company
As an experienced plastic engineering inc and masterbatch factory, Anmei has a professional team of senior engineers with 10-15 years of R&D experience in engineering plastics and masterbatch, we work together to achieve our goal of solution providing and create more values for customers with our stable quality and professional technical service, making a better life for human beings.
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