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Approach to Transparent ABS Plastic

Transparent ABS is a new type of high-transparent plastic developed in recent years, which belongs to the transparent modification variety of ABS. It has high fluidity and low shrinkage, so processing properties and product size stability are good, and chemical resistance is also better, so transparent ABS this new material has the potential to become a polycarbonate alternative material. Due to the late development and application of transparent ABS in China, there is still a certain gap between the development of raw materials, molding equipment and process research compared with foreign countries, so that the production of injection molding products poor transparency, can not achieve the desired effect, currently mainly imported raw materials.

Transparent ABS transparent mechanism

A resin-based on common ABS, with a transparent agent (Clear), added to its composition to increase transparency. Transparency increases transparency because it is an efficient nucleation agent, which has the advantage of obtaining the best optical results while reducing nucleation time and maintaining the mechanics of the product. The transparent agent dissolves in the polymer melt to form a uniform solution but is several orders of magnitude larger than the traditional nuclear as a seed, and the cooling transparent agent forms a three-way "grid structure". This structure acts as a crystal core, increasing the density of the nucleus. At the same time, the "fiber" that forms this "grid structure" is only a few thousand nanometers in size and is completely within the wavelength of visible light, thus making the product transparent. For example, ABS can be mixed with PMMA to make transparent ABS, an ABS engineering plastic, with a light transmission rate of up to 80%.

The structural properties of transparent ABS plastics

Transparent ABS has excellent penetration indices and good manufacturability as well as physical properties such as impact strength and plasticity.

(1) Transparency Transparency ABS is similar to SAN and GGPS resins in that it has stable and excellent transparency due to the need for excessive reliance on injection temperature, which generally achieves a light transmission rate of more than 88%.

(2) The impact resistance of the hydraulically transparent ABS is similar to that of the general class ABS, which is widely used in injection molding and products with high surface strength requirements because of its good fluidity.

(3) Colorability Any color can be color transparent ABS, its coloring performance is better than the general-purpose ABS.

The molding of transparent ABS plastics

Transparent ABS has similar liquidity to generic ABS, so its injection molding conditions are similar to universal ABS. Transparent ABS can be used for secondary processing, such as stamping, screen printing, pasting, coloring, plating and other properties are similar to the general-purpose ABS.

Because of the production of transparent ABS products, not only to ensure the size accuracy of products, appearance quality and strength but also to ensure the transmission of products, so transparent ABS and ordinary ABS injection molding molds and process parameters are different, with their own characteristics.

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