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Application and Performance Parameter Analysis of PA6 GF30 FR

PA6 GF30 FR is a PA6 containing 30% glass fiber and halogen flame retardant.

1. What are the characteristics of PA6 GF30 FR?

The chemical and physical properties of PA6 are very similar to PA66, however, it has a lower melting point and a wide range of process temperatures. Its impact resistance and solvent resistance are better than PA66, and it is also more hygroscopic. Because many quality characteristics of plastic parts are affected by hygroscopicity, this should be fully considered when designing products using PA6.

In order to improve the mechanical properties of PA6, various modifiers are often added. Glass fiber is the most common additive, and sometimes synthetic rubber, such as EPDM and SBR, is added to improve impact resistance. For products without additives, the shrinkage rate of PA6 is between 1% and 1.5%. Adding glass fiber additives can reduce the shrinkage to 0.3% (but slightly higher in the direction perpendicular to the process). The shrinkage of molded assemblies is mainly affected by the crystallinity and hygroscopicity of the material. The actual shrinkage rate is also a function of the plastic part design, wall thickness and other process parameters.

PA6 GF30 FR is a halogen-free, flame retardant polyamide 6 with 30% glass fiber. The mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance and aging resistance of PA6 are significantly improved. When 30% glass fiber is added to PA6, the fatigue strength is 2.5 times stronger. At the same time, PA6 GF30 FR is the most widely used product in various industries. Can meet the requirements of industrial and daily use.

Reinforced PA6 gf30 is suitable for high-strength, high-wear-resistant structural parts, mainly used in machinery, vehicles, electrical and electronic, textile, sports equipment, etc. Such as the car's exterior mirrors and door handles, as well as the hood.

2. Typical application of PA6 GF30 FR

PA6 GF30 FR has achieved full coverage from the electrical and electronic fields to the industrial, daily consumer markets, and even the automotive industry.


Pipe containers are also used in industrial production, and chemical plastic products can fully demonstrate their chemical resistance in transporting corrosive fluids.

Electronic appliances

Excellent electrical insulation, dielectric strength, surface resistivity and volume resistivity, and good stability, high temperature and weather resistance, flame retardant, excellent arc resistance.

Medical instruments

Excellent properties, reliable performance, and convenient molding process have been widely used in the medical field.

Automobile industry

It has good comprehensive performance, and the main performance is improved by using glass fiber modified nylon.

Communications industry

PA6 GF30 FR engineering plastics and its alloy plastics are light, transparent, tough, and insulating to meet different communicator materials.

Household products

A chameleon in materials, it can be hot or cold, hard or soft, smooth or rough, and highly malleable.

The main products of our company are modified PA6 and PA66, ABS, TPU and other modified plastics. The application fields of products are home appliances, cables, blown film industry, etc. General and customized modified plastics, the performance and quality stability of products are continuously improved. The laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment to ensure that we can provide customers with qualified products. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and UL factory audit. Welcome to consult.

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