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Advantages and Use of Functional Flame Retardant Masterbatch

1. What are the advantages of functional flame retardant masterbatch?

1. The flame retardant masterbatch has high flame retardant efficiency

Flame retardant masterbatch is based on a reasonable formula, through the organic combination of flame retardant, lubricating dispersant and carrier, through banburying, kneading, uniform extrusion and granulation, and after mixing with plastic, it is more dense and uniform; At the same time, the flame retardant masterbatch has better dispersion effect due to the carrier and dispersant containing high solubility index, so that each flame retardant molecule can play a flame retardant effect, thereby improving the flame retardant efficiency.

2. The function of flame retardant masterbatch is diversified

The main feature of flame retardant masterbatch is the functionalization of flame retardant masterbatch. With the advancement of science and technology, equipment and materials are constantly improving, and the functionalization of flame retardant masterbatch is becoming more and more mature and extensive. Customers can directly add A certain proportion of functional flame retardant masterbatch can be simply and uniformly mixed with plastic raw materials, and it can be molded into the required qualified products at one time, which greatly saves processing costs and processing time, and reduces energy consumption.

3. The flame retardant masterbatch is easy to use, environmentally friendly and dust-free

Most of the flame retardant masterbatches are spherical or cylindrical particles, the size is exactly the same as the general plastic particles, easy to weigh and add, and can realize automatic suction or electronic weight feeding, no dust powder in the whole process, clean, hygienic, reducing Volatile waste, improve working environment, improve work efficiency, easy to use

4. Good compatibility between flame retardant masterbatch and plastic resin

Reasonable flame retardant masterbatches are specially designed according to their different functional requirements to solve their compatibility with different resins, so that even if they are added in a large amount of resin, they will not cause delamination and cracking. Frost, white spots and pitting problems. Better compatibility with materials, better performance, smoother surface, easier and wider processing technology.

Ⅱ. Will the use of flame retardant masterbatch affect other properties of the product?

Reasonable functional flame retardant masterbatches are specially designed according to their different functional requirements to solve their compatibility with different resins, so that even when the amount added to the resin is large, it will not affect other materials of the material. performance.

Due to the continuous advancement of technology and equipment, the performance of functional flame retardant masterbatches has also been continuously improved. In many aspects, products that meet all performance requirements can be produced by direct mixing with materials, and the plasticization is easier and the output is larger. It greatly reduces the cost of the product and increases the added value of the product.

Anmei is one of the professional color masterbatch suppliers, with a series of customized masterbatches, these masterbatches include: color masterbatches, which can maintain the ultra-fine pulverized state of the base pigments to achieve high color strength and color matching. Stability, resulting in high-quality dense color products; mildew-resistant masterbatches for different polymers and applications, preventing unbearable odors and unsightly stains; TPU smooth masterbatches and TPU matte matte masterbatches Excellent dispersibility in cast film, cast film can be compounded with plastic woven fabric in the production process, used as sunshade cloth and travel tent; PBT masterbatch has the advantages of ultra-low shrinkage and fast response time. It is used to make pipe sleeves in the optical fiber cable industry; polymer antibacterial masterbatch is a masterbatch material with antibacterial agents added to the carrier resin, which provides antibacterial protection for plastic products and reduces the rapid growth of harmful organisms such as mold, bacteria, fungi, mildew, etc. on plastic surfaces.

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